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Saprotan Utama is an agribusiness company. We are a distributor and manufacturer of fertilizers, pesticides, rice seeds and corn seeds. Our company was established in 1980.


Year 1978
Saprotan Utama was founded by Ir. Markus Wibowo, who first opened a store “Sumber Hurip” in Jalan DI Panjaitan 5,Tegal, Central Java. The target market of “Sumber Hurip” was farmers in Tegal Region and the surrounding area. At that time, the store only had one employee.

Year 1979
UD Vigor was established in Jalan Wotgandul Dalam No.186, Semarang with 4 employees. UD Vigor was established to serve as a distributor of pesticide from PT Bayer Indonesia to PT Nusantara Plantation and also for free market.
Year 1980 – 1982
On April 12th, 1980, the company name was changed from UD Vigor to CV Saprotan Utama, and in 1982, the office was relocated to Jalan Wonodri Krajan III / 958 Semarang. The purpose of CV Saprotan Utama establishment is to become an importer, agent, distributor, and manufacturer of agriculture products such as pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and fishery products. In 1982, CV Saprotan Utama started to become a distributor / dealer of fertilizers for the Central Java region.

Year 1989
CV Saprotan Utama became the importer and exclusive agent / sole distributor of SQM fertilizer products (Sociedad Quimica dei Minerale) in Indonesia.

Year 1990
CV.Saportan Utama expanded the business by playing a role as a distributor of imported fertilizers to establish partnerships with Virginia tobacco, Burley, Na-Oogst and Rajangan which were run by some major tobacco companies in Indonesia such as PT. Philip Morris Indonesia.

Year 1994
CV Saprotan Utama office relocated to Bangkong Plaza C7, Jl.Mataram 864-866, Semarang

Year 1995
CV. Saprotan Utama strengthened its position as the distributor of imported fertilizer (SAPRODAP) of the Namhae International Company of Korea.

Year 1998
CV. Saprotan Utama acquired pan granulator successfully produced Phosphate granules fertilizer using local materials

Year 2002
As marketing partnership between SQM and Norsk Hydro in Indonesia is formed, CV. Saprotan Utama officially became the distributor of water soluble fertilizers produced by Norsk Hydro

Year 2003
Due to the innovation on NPK fertilizer products, CV.Saprotan Utama formed cooperation with PT. Pupuk Kalitim and then founded PT. Pukati Pelangi Agromakmur that specialized in producing various compositions of NPK Pelangi fertilizers.

Year 2007-2008
CV. Saprotan Utama set up and began to operate its own pesticide factory in 2008

Year 2013
Saprotan Utama Office is relocated to Jl. Brigjend Sudiarto 79, Semarang

Vision Mission

CV. Saprotan Utama is committed to become the most advanced company in fertilizer and pesticide industry in Indonesia by always putting customer satisfaction first  through high quality and consistent services.

In its attempts to carry out these objectives, the management and all employees of CV. Saprotan Utama has declared its commitment to implement a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. CV. Saprotan Utama promised to continually making sustainable improvements in the quality management system as well as the development of human resources by ensuring customer satisfaction. CV. Saprotan Utama also continuously provides service improvement efforts, always tries to be effective informative, adheres to customer requirements and regulations and always pays attention to opportunities to improve and provides training to increase the competence of employees.

This quality policy are communicated to be understood by all employees through training and dissemination in accordance with the planned program. This quality policy will be evaluated on a regular basis in order to be in accordance with the company’s mission.

Group of Companies

Saprotan Benih Utama

SBU was established in 2008 and began producing hybrid corn varieties bima-2 Bantimurung using trademark name MW-2. SBU collaborated with Balitsereal Maros on a 300 hectare nursery ground.

SBU produces composite SS rice seeds with a number of popular varieties like Ciherang, IR-64, Situbagendit, Mekonga, Memberamo, Pepe, Ciliwung, Inpari, and etc. SBU partnered with farmers in Surakarta, Sragen, Karanganyar, Bololali, Klaten, Pemalan etc in cultivating 1000 hectare of land.

In addition, SBU is also developing hybrid rice in collaboration with the Balai Besar Padi in Sukamandi and developing varieties Hipa 14 and Hipa 15 using trademark name of Samiaji 14 and Samiaji 15.

SBU also produces rubber seedlings in Pleihari, South Kalimantan, with the nursery area of 30 hectare using PB 260 clones from the Brittle Rubber Research Institute.


NPK Sawit


Usage :

It is formulated for immature young palm oil (pre productive stage) and also for the mature one (productive plant) with appropriate dosage.


  1. Classification :

    NPK Fertilizer

  2. Active Ingredients :

    N 12% P2O5 12% K2O 17% MgO 2% B Zn Cu 0.04-0.07%

  3. System :

    Water content : 2-3%

  4. Target :

    Palm Oil Plantation, other plantation

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PT. Saprotan Nusantara Agroutama

Brigjend Sudiarto 79
Semarang 50167
Email :
Phone : (024) 8413208, 8413178
Fax : (024) 8413203


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