Haracoat SCU
Haracoat has dual layer coating. It is coated with sulfur and polymerized
wax to enable fertilizer slowly release over a period of time.
Haracoat able to :
Reduce nitrogen loss & improve N uptake
Increase sulfur availability of in the soil / increase the availability of sulfur in the soil
Improve crop resistant to pest and disease


Controlled Release Bulk Blend Fertilizer

Haracoat MX is a blend of PSCU, PSCK, MAP, MOP and trace elements granules to produce fertilizer based on scientific formulation and analysis. This product provides quick release and extended long release of nutrients over several months. It is flexible and can easily be tailor-made to various crops, soil types and climate conditions.

Benefit of Haracoat MX :
1. Complete source of nutrient.
HARACOAT MX contains total N, P, K, Mg and micronutrients required by mature oil palm.
2. Balanced nutrient.
HARACOAT MX include N, P, K, Mg and miconutrients required by mature oil palm in correct proportion enable oil palm to take up all nutrients completely.
3. High efficiency.
HARACOAT MX provides quick release and extended controlled release nutrients supply over several months to mature oil palm. More nutrients are taken up by palms. High efficiency, less leaching and less pollution to environment
4. Water soluble phosphate
HARACOAT MX contains water soluble phosphate (MAP, DAP) which gives greater availability of phosphorus nutrient to mature oil palm.
5. Sulfur nutrient
Additional sulfur content in HARACOAT MX enhanced the efficacy of nitrogen and increase oil content in oil palm FFB.
6. Flexible
Composition of N, P, K, Mg and micronutrients can easily be tailor made based on soil analysis, leaf analysis and climate conditions of the specific plantation site.
Type of Haracoat MX :
HARACOAT MX 12/6/27/2/B
HARACOAT MX 12/12/17/2/TE
HARACOAT MX 22/10/10
HARACOAT MX 24/10/10
A complete and balanced compound fertilizer specially formulated for maximum oil palm yield production.
Benefits of Buamax 13/6/27/4/B :
1. Complete
Provided all nutrients required by mature oil palm
2. Balanced
All nutrients provided are in correct proportion.
Each granule of Buamax 13/6/27/4/B contains :
Nitrogen (N) ……………… 13%
Phosphorus (P2O5) ………   6%
Potassium (K2O) …………… 27%
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