PT. Integrasia Utama an Indonesian Company established in 2001 with its core business in remote sensing & digital mapping providing solutions & consulting services in urban planning for both government and private usage.Beside GIS and Remote Sensing services, Integrasia also create and offer geospatial mapping platform with maximum scaling at 1:5000.The map was create and regularly updated from multiple sources which bring the product ”ONE SPIRIT MAP” with high level information such as street names, point of interest, etc.With One Spirit map as data platform, in 2006 Our Team developed a new product line – A web based application to support Transportation and Logistics industry, called OSLOG.

OSLOG is an open platform integrated Fleet Management Solution that aims to maximize productivity and increase efficiency. With OSLOG open platform, every developer can utilize it to built other supply chain related applications.In 2008, the company has move further advance with the creation of integrated RFID solutions for asset monitoring and other related applications, such as Tire Control and Monitoring, Asset Tracking and Controlling, Document Tracking, ect.Integrasia has develop new business line adding to the current portfolio with the newly acquired business of UAV services (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for commercial acquisition at low altitude, survey, volumetric analysis and digital surface model generation in 2014.

The UAV have ability to fly at maximum 12,000 altitude with 90 minutes endurance, using special rugged body composed by Kevlar, the UAV can carry 2 cameras (RGB & Near Infrared). As our commitment to offer high resolution and updated data thru our UAV development for enhancing ONE SPIRIT MAP digital map.Thru our sales and marketing development currently OSLOG has been brought to other countries with the support from Intel Corp for the development of OSLOG – advance device GPS tracking.

The collaboration will be marketed together with Intel IOT team. Currently we also expand our representative office to other countries (The Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia & East Timor).With high energy & motivation of ONE SPIRIT team we will be able to have social responsibility to the community and environmental friendly also contribute the country with excellent services and product.

The c has been designed expressly for the optimal acquisition of aerial imaging. With the benefit of many years of both military and commercial UAV operation and much investment in Research and Development, we have settled on a system design that satisfies requirements. Conceived to be a rugged, easy to operate system, our emphasis is placed on the quality of the product, where the UAV is simply the acquisition tool. As such, the KD-252-BW One Spirit UAV system is market driven, and operates under the business imperatives to save clients and operators both time and money.
The aircraft is readily transportable, quick to be assembled and easily and safely hand launched. No heavy, failure-prone or complicated launcher is required. The glider-style shape of the One Spirit UAV and its overpowered nature allow it to comfortably climb to safe operating altitude post takeoff in even the most adverse conditions.
Designed using unique fluid dynamics the fuselage gives both volume and extremely good aircraft stability. This allows for high precision camera and lens packages and highly efficient imaging runs. The modular nature of the payloads allows for quick sensor interchange and easy upgrade as better technology becomes available. A history with skid landings has firmly taught us that parachute recovery is the best option for commercial UAV operations. Customers cannot be expected to factor in launch and recovery criteria for you and the real world is full of obstacles and rough surfaces. In addition to landing safely and with minimal impact under parachute, the AreoHawk autopilot will also recover consistently to a preselected point. The system constantly assesses windspeed and direction to compute the optimal release point, thereby drifting down to your desired location.
 KD-252-BW One Spirit UAV Miniature UAV Specifications :
  • 90min+ Endurance
  • 5.5kg (12lbs) Maximum All Up Weigh
  • 2.6m (8’6″) Wingspan
  • Cruise Speed 55-60km/h (37mph)
  • Electric motor + Lithium Polymer Batteries(37mph)
  • 24/36MP Camera with Wide Angle Survey lens
  • Hand Launched / Parachute Recovery
  • Fully Automated Flight Operations
  • Independent Flight Monitoring Systems
  • Return on Link Failure

KD-253-BW One Spirit UAV Dual Camera Multispectral UAV

The technologies is equip with specially mounting modified twin Sony NEX cameras, the KD-252-BW One Spirit UAV simultaneously captures both RGB and Near IR imagery in high resolution. One Spirit UAV Ltd also uniquely processes both RGB and NIR imagery simultaneously with a pixel to pixel matched process for true 4-band multispectral output.  A range of specific NIR spectra can be filtered for, depending on user requirements.  Applications include Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) filtering for vegetation, crop and other agricultural monitoring
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Head Office (Jakarta) :

Plaza 5 Pondok Indah Block D-9
Jalan Margaguna Raya,
Jakarta Selatan 12140.
Phone   :   +62 21 72793924
Fax        :  +62 21 72793574
Email    :

Representative Office (Surabaya)

Perumahan Juanda Regency B-03
Juanda-Sidoarjo 61251
Surabaya, Indonesia
Phone   : +62 31 8687220
Mobile   : +62 31 8687220
Email   :

Representative Office (Bali)

Jl. Gatot Subroto Timur No. 43X Kesiman Kertalangu, Denpasar Timur
Denpasar 80113
Bali, Indonesia
Phone   :   0361 232172
Fax        :  0361 265105
Email   :


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