Perkenalkan Kami Perusahaan Perdagangan Alat – Alat Laboratorium Lab Farmasi/Rumah Sakit maupun Lab Industri seperti :
1.  Water Bath, Oil Bath, Viscosight Bath, Extraxtion Water bath, Immersion Bath Circulator, Shaking Water Bath, Ref.Bath circulator, Cold Trap, Ultrasonic Clener, Chiller.
2. Water Purification System, Ultrapure water purification System, Glass Water Still, Basic Water Still, Automatic Water Still, Automatic double Water still.
3. Hotplate and stirer, Jumbo Hotplate, Dryblock heater, Mechanical Stirer, Microcentrifuge, Vacuum Pump, Roller Mixer.
4. Muffle Furnace, Tube Furnace, Elevator Furnace, High Temp Furnace.
5. Drying Oven, Universal Drying Oven, Natural Convection Oven, Forced convection Oven, High Temp Oven, Vacuum Drying Oven, Jumbo Vacuum Drying Oven, Clean Air Oven, Industrial Drying Oven, Industrial Cart Oven, Cure and Inert Oven, Explosion Proof Oven, Aging Test Oven.
6. Incubator/Shaker, General Incubator, Low temp BOD Incubator, Multi-room Incubator, Peltier cooled incubator/Blood bank warmer.Air jack CO2 Incubator, Shaking Incubator, Shaker.
7. Steam Sterilizer/Autoclave, Steam sterilizer (Bench-top), Steam Sterilizer Vertical, Large Steam Sterilizer, Pass-Through Sterilizer.
8. Laminar Flow Clean Bench/Fume Hood, Laminar Flow clean bench/Silver, Laminar Flow clean-bench Gold, Bio Hazard Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2-Gold, Laminar Flow clean bench Platinum, Bio hazard Safety Class II Type A2-Platinium, Bio hazard Safety Cabinet Class II Type B2-Platinium, Air Sterilized Purifier, Fume Hood Silver, Fume Hood Gold, Fume Hood Plating.
9. Environmental Bio Growth Chamber, CO2 Plant Growth Chamber, Culture chamber, growth Chamber, Insect Growth Chamber, Multi Growth Chamber, Universal Growth Chamber, Fermentation/Germinatiom Chamber,Giant environmental chamber, Walk In environmental chamber, Environmental growth Room.
10. Industrial Test Chamber, Thermal Shock Tester, Temp & Humidity Chamber, Economic temp and humidity Chamber, environmental stability Test Chamber, Constant Temp Test Chamber, Ultra low temp Freezer, Stability test Chamber (ICH Test Chamber), Complex Environmental Test Chamber, Multi Test Chamber), Universal Test Chamber, Display test Chamber, Giant Environmental Test Chamber.
11. Refrigerator/Freezer, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Pharmaceutical refrigerator, Laboratory Refrigerator, Laboratory Freezer, Refrigerator/Freezer, Blood Plasma Freezer, Bio Medical Freezer (Upright), Bio Medical Freezer (Chest Type), Deep Freezer Upright, Deep Freezer (Chest), Cold Storage Chamber for IQ/OQ validation.

12. Lab Frame/Rubber Products, Silicon Tubing, Safety Pipet Filler.

Untuk item stock kami dapat di akses di tautan berikut
Angle Rotor 50ml×6,JK-HSCT-1650H High Speed Centrifuge(Table Air Cooling Type)
Capacity: 50ml×6JK-HSCT-1650H High Speed Centrifuge(Table Air Cooling Type)

Product features
1. Adopt advanced CPU control system, micro-controller can control speed, time, temperature and relative centrifugal force.
2. Adopt maintenance-free variable frequency motor, speed can more accurate. Step regulator of centrifugal speed and centrifugal force is 10rpm/10×g, time control: 0-99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, precision ±1 second, continuous centrifugation, instantaneous centrifugation.
3. The rotor adopts the super hard aluminum-alloy and produced by special workmanship. With sealing performance and function of unlimited-time anti-high temperature and disinfection,
4. LCD screen liquid crystal display imported. The operation is easy, with single button for spin control.
5. With a door cover protection, speeding and advanced electronic imbalance detection system that can process real-time monitoring of centrifugal to ensure safe operation of equipment, running over, error and imbalance, the sound signal tips, and stop running, the LCD text display
6. It is consistent with CE Security Certification,and passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification.

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