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PT LIBRA EMAS PERMATA with a continuing commitment to create satisfied client in 1989. Our company strives to provide high-tech solution for commercial,scientific,industrial,and household weighing and measurement applications. We are the Sole Agent of A&D Japan in Indonesia since 1993 for distributing all ranges of A&D Weighing products that covers equipments from the highest resolution to the largest capacity for various applications. In our effort to better serve our customers, We extend our product line by launching the ACIS digital weighing equipment for more cost effective solutions to simpler weighing applications.

As one of the largest digital weighing equipment provider, We provide one of the widest selections of products supported by the most reliable after sales service by our engineers and technicians.

It is our company’s goal to achieve our motto, “Your Best Weighing Solution”. Instead of merely selling products, our mission is to utilize our expertise to provide complete and custom solutions for the endless variety of applications in the commercial, industrial, and scientific fields
To what do we owe our Success?
Reliability in after-sales
Service We understand that weighing is a crucial part of industrial process. Without reliable after-sales service, customers will incur significant losses due to production halt. Keeping this in mind, we strive to provide the best after-sales service in Indonesian market. Our service armada is always ready to respond to customers in need.We strongly believe that this is our main advantage towards our competition that allowes us to be one of the best weighing solution company in Indonesia

Expertise in providing the best weighing solution
As industrial process becomes more advanced, We believe that it is important for us to provide our customer with complete solution that best suited to their weighing application.We believe that it is not enough to merely sell products to our customers. What we strive to provide is complete solution from the providing customers with necessary products, to installation and testing, and to after-sales service.The result so far is customer satisfaction and high repeat order rate within our company.

our Network of branch offices and dealers across Indonesia Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and an archipelago compost of more than 13000 islands. Without an established networks, the Indonesian market is very difficult to access. Our company has 3 main branch offices in the largest industrial cities in Indonesia which is Surabaya, Semarang, and Medan. In addition to this, as an establisshed company, our network of dealers covers the whole Indonesia market serving the industrial, commercial, and laborty segments.


Truck Scale


ACIS new module steel weighbridge adopts completely new design concept, which accomplishes the real modularization compare to the traditional structure. Meanwhile, the module structure has outstanding exchangeability, that is, we need only two sizes of weighbridge modules to make up any size of weighbridge. To ensure the high strength and good rigidity of weighbridge, we retained the u-shape beams .

I.Technical specification of Modular Truck Scale

  • Accuracy Class : III
  • Rated capacities : 30, 40, 60, 80,100t
  • Widths of platform : 3m
  • Lengths of platform : 9, 12, 16, 18 m
  • Division : 10kg ~20kg
  • Foundation : pitless and shallow pit
  • Maximum Display Resolution: 20.000 counts (Maximum)
  • Overload limit: 125%
  • Working environment temp.: -10°C to +40°C
  • Weighbridge operating temp. (including load cell) :-30ºC to +65°C
  • Operating humidity RH: 20-85%
  • Max. axle load of vehicle : >40t

I.Basic Equipment of Truck Scale
Main Parts
1.  Weighbridge
2.  Load Cell
3. Junction Box
4. Weighing Indicator
5. Weighing Software

Model Capacity




Platform Size (m) Loadcell Qty
TS-3006-030 30 10 6 x 3        4
TS-3008-050 50 10 8 x 3        6
TS-3010-060 60 10 10 x 3        6
TS-3012-060 60 10 12 x 3        6
TS-3016-060 60 10 16 x 3        8
TS-3016-080 80 20 16 x 3        8
TS-3016-100 100 20 16 x 3        8
TS-3018-060 60 10 18 x 3        8
TS-3018-080 80 20 18 x 3        8
TS-3018-100 100 20 18 x 3        8


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Pusat Timbangan Elektronik dan timbangan digital
Head Office : Jl. Pluit raya 19 Blok E no 9-11, Jakarta, 14440, Indonesia, Phone : +62-21-6624744, Fax : +62-21-6624746, email: jakarta(a)

Branch Office
Surabaya: Komplek Surya Inti permata, Blok B No.53-55 Jl. Ir.H. Juanda Km.5 Sedati-Sidoarjo 61253 Phone : 031-8686133 Fax : 031-8686122
Email : surabaya(a)

Cikarang: Jl. Jababeka VI blok J no. 5D Cikarang Industrial Estate, Jawa barat Phone: 021-89833104 Fax : 021-89833105 email: cikarang(a)

Semarang : Jl. Supriyadi No.21A(Majapahit),Semarang 50198 Phone: 024-6701946 Fax:024-6702946 email: semarang(a)

Medan : Jl. Rumah Sakit Haji No.R58, Komp. Mutiara Residence, Deli Serdang – Medan, Phone 061-6645611 Fax 061-6645622 email: medan(a)


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