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Incorporated in 1990 as Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc., ASD is based in Longmont, Colorado. It is now a Malvern PANalytical company, and a part of Spectris. ASD was established to address a fundamental need of earth science researchers for a robust, high-performance, portable instrument that could be used in field work.

Responding to this need, two renowned remote sensing scientists, Dr. Alexander F. H. Goetz, Director of the Center for the Study of Earth from Space (CSES), and Dr. Brian Curtiss, a senior scientist at CSES, designed and produced the Personal Spectrometer II (PSII), the world’s first truly portable, rugged, research-grade spectroradiometer.

The PSII was quickly embraced by fellow scientists around the world as a practical and necessary tool to do their work. Subsequent generations of portable field instruments, trademarked under the name FieldSpec® , earned ASD world-wide recognition as the number one portable instrumentation supplier for remote sensing scientists and field researchers. Today, the FieldSpec 4 and FieldSpec HandHeld 2 instrument families provide researchers with a complete suite of instruments for all of their field work needs.

ASD successfully expanded beyond its origins in the scientific markets, into industrial manufacturing markets, by providing instrumentation solutions for the real-time measurement of non-homogenous materials in manufacturing and quality control environments. ASD’s industrial instrument lines now include QualitySpec® for on-line and near-line process control, LabSpec® for material inspection and identification in the field and lab, and TerraSpec® for mining exploration and production.

ASD’s legacy is one of innovation and leadership in addressing customers’ needs—providing the latest technologies combined with the highest standards of quality and service. We continue to provide customers with value enhancing solutions to their materials measurement needs by offering the following resources:

  • Instrumentation for field, near-line, and on-line materials measurements
  • Applications expertise supplied by our SummitCAL Solutions Team, our scientists, and engineers
  • Service and support for installations, and post-sales support worldwide
  • Global presence: ASD has instruments in over 60 countries and a distribution network encompassing six continents

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer

High resolution spectral data from a ruggedized field-portable spectroradiometer

The FieldSpec® 4 Hi-Res is a high resolution spectroradiometer designed for faster, more precise spectral data measurements for a wide array of remote sensing applications.

The 3 nm VNIR, 8 nm SWIR spectral resolution of the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res spectroradiometer provides superior spectral performance across the full range solar irradiance spectrum (350 – 2500 nm). The enhanced spectral resolution in the SWIR range (1000 – 2500 nm) is particularly useful for detecting and identifying compounds with narrow spectral features in the longer wavelengths such as alteration mineralogy and gases for atmospheric analysis.

Additionally the 8 nm resolution meets or exceeds the spectral resolution of most hyperspectral sensors making the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res spectroradiometer an excellent choice for sensor validation and calibration, as well as ground truthing and building spectral libraries.

Like all ASD FieldSpec spectroradiometers, the FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res can be used as a high resolution spectrometer for very accurate contact reflectance measurements.


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