Haluan Nusantara, PT started in 2006 with strategic mission to bring cost effective and innovative solutions by providing product and services in knowledge management, strategic management consultation, Business Intelligent (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and information technology especially for plantation industries and Small Medium to Enterprise Business.

We have invested in research and development and have a reputation
for providing innovative, high quality and reliable solutions.

We believe that our integrated solutions will be able to bring low  total  cost  of  ownership  for  any  organizations  by  reducing  all  the hassle of complex technology selection, product procurement, delivery, deployment,  project  management,  training, and application maintenance.

Our goal is to build long-term relationship and grow up together with our clients by providing the most reliable solution which began in deep analysis of their business’ needs, manageable implementation and result-oriented solution ended with optimal total cost of ownership.

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treeS Applications is an end-to-end software solution

for palm oil industries, puts total control at your fingertips.

Developed specifically for emerging businesses and captive departments of larger enterprises, treeS provides an easy-to-use web based solution that builds business transparency. The intuitive tools and straightforward user interface will reduce costs while maximizing productivity and customer loyalty.

Every palm oil company works very hard to increase the efficiency of the resource utilization to strive in this competitive business climate. Adequate and reliable information systems plays a vital role in the organization to assist the management in making the right decision in the right time i.e not only the strategic decisions taken by the board of directors, but also the operative decisions taken by the estate managers and mill managers.

The suitable information systems for the end users in estate and mill should be easy to use without eliminating the functionalities of the application it self. treeS applications is special design ERP for palm oil industries which simplify the procedure of entering data (transactions) into the system by applying standardization of forms. treeS applications are focused on capturing the activity based transactions to improve company efficiency and productivity.

These plantation modules synergize with the plantation operational management, financial management, logistic management, human resources management, and geographic information system within one integrated information system framework.


The Challenges

  1. Estate and Mill operation management which covers seedling, nursery and cultivation, harvesting to crop delivery from the estate to the factory for further processing
  2. Financial management to consolidate complete financial activities from all entities, especially managing the flow of inter and intra company transactions.
  3. Logistic and inventory management, both for procurement and sales of estates’ crop or factory finished goods.
  4. Human resources management to manage employees’ activities which are required to support estate and factory operations
  5. Geographic information system(GIS) to assist decision makers in analyzing operational and financial activities through digital mapping technology
  6. Information system management to enable modern management concepts in plantation, such as information system decentralization and yet handled by centralized authorities (distributed environment)
  7. Financial Reporting and Standard Operating & Procedures which govern and adhere to the regulation from domestic authorities such as direktorat Jendral pajak, BAPPEPAM, PSAK or to the international standard such as IFRS (International financial reporting standard) and Sarbanes Oxley

treeS Applications



treeS the Integrated Plantation Informations System, enable you :

  • To manage all the activities in your plantation company, from estate into head office.
  • To compared the actual vs plan for every activities
  • To have Quick and Reliable Data for Analysis
  • To consolidate your financial activities from all entities, because treeS support for Multi company and multi estate operation
  • To audit your cost and revenue real time by three way matching features that built in this applications
  • To have standard Financial reports that applied with Indonesian government regulation and also to international standard such us IFRS
  • To monitoring and control all your inventory in every warehouse that you have by using integrated inventory features from logistic module of treeS applications, with this module you also could do centralized purchasing to give your company a competitive bargain power with supplier.
  • To speed up the decision making, with use of GIS technology that could assist you to analyzing operational and financial activities through digital mapping technology

Estate Management

Estate module provides a complete set of financial, logistic, GIS, and plantation specific attributes. The parameterized design of the system gives freedom for the user to set up the estate according to the company policy.

Whether an Estate is defined as a stand-alone entity or belongs to the domain of the legal company, or tree management system is applied or not, is entirely user’s definition.


Factory Statement

Factory Statement helps the Estate manager to analyze the quality of the crop harvested from the respective estate. All kind of crop’s derivative, which is the user defined parameter, could be forwarded by the factory (mill) to the estate who sends their crop.

The ad-hoc query and reporting facilities return the desired information for all relevant data is stored in the system.

Extraction-RateStorage Quality Management

Storage quality management daily records the quality of product based on the parameter that are defined by the

users. Each product has its own definition of quality parameter and quality classification. System automatically calculate the quality classification based on product parameter’s values.Statistic

Finance Management

Multidimensional Chart of Account. Simplify your accounts

definition and easier for you to put additional information

Comprehensive voucher by detail information. Easier to track and query. The solution covers the entire needs of your

company, with functionality for accounting rules that is

seamlessly integrated with other business applications in use.

The intricacies of business financials have never been more transparent or your accounting routines more agile.


Dashboard System

Dashboard System provides at-a-glance views of relevant information to a particular objective or business process such as how many purchase order to approve, invoice to release, etc. It is an easy to read, single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot), historical trends and key business performance indicators to enable instantaneous (alert) and informed decisions for decision making process and immediate actions.  The user can easily know, control and manage all relevant activities that need to perform even day by day.


Geographic Information System (GIS)

The integrated geographic information systems broaden the perspective of Estate manager to oversee the condition of the respective estate, afdeling, block, and even the tree. The GIS’ thematic and stage are designed to cater for the requirement of estate managers and customizable in accordance to company specific requirement.


treeS Applications


Most of the plantation industries require distributed systems to overcome the problem of poor network or telecommunication infrastructure. The expectation of a complete integrated system among distributed databases into the company’s legacy system such as ERP, is extremely high. treeS applications is a java web based ERP which is designed for the plantation industry.

treeS applications is developed using open technologies, as our concrete action in supporting the IGOS ( Indonesia Go Open Source) program which is declared by the Indonesian government , in a way to strengthen the national information technology system and to benefit the global information technology development.


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