OWL-Plantation System is the best and proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Palm Oil Plantations & Mill, Rubber Plantation and Cocoa Plantation. We specialize in the plantation’s system and supported by personnel that are experts in the plantation. We had developed OWL-Plantation System since 2006 and it’s just perfect. OWL-Plantation System simplifies you administration system from the lowest level to the highest level, maintaining data consistency, reduce loses, facilitate control and help in decision-making.



1. OWL-Plantation System(ERP)

OWL-Plantation System is a web-based application, and built specifically to meet the needs of companies engaged in the plantation. The unique characteristics of plantation management bring OWL-Plantation System to be special.

The plantation company generally manages a lot of business units and wide areas. Locations of the business units are generally located in remote areas. Thus it can be ensured that data access is something expensive. To answer these challenges OWL-Plantation System designed specifically and using web technologies, so that data consumption’s over the network is very light also small data growth.

Because the managed areas are very wide, then it is likely to be frequent changes in local policies. Thus the application system used must also be able to accommodate possible changes and differences of policy between the business units. To answer that challenge, OWL-Plantation System was built upon the open source platforms with the specific design, so it makes easy to customize and easy to develop.

Because OWL-Plantation System devoted to plantation companies, the modules available are definitely specific to the plantation. The complete list of modules available here.

2. OWL-Plantation Business Intelligent(Graphical & Map)

We provide Reporting Analysis in the form of graphs and maps. This feature is very useful in helping to detect problems in the field. This feature can briefly display the overlap of work locations; can detect areas that are not productive; relations between fertilization and productivity; the relations between rainfall and productivity; cost; and operational activities by the block level.

Related direct use at the operational level, this feature can be used for vehicle tracking unit and tracking the position of the personnel in the field.

3. OWL-Plantation Mobile (Android)

A plantation company is a labor-intensive business, so the labor savings would have been very beneficial for the company. One way to reduce the administrative worker is the use of OWL-Mobile. OWL-Mobile is digitizing Foreman Daily Book (BKM), FFB Transport Book (SPB) and Harvesting Book. Conventional forms of books or papers are replaced with digital handsets, so it does not need re-recording (double input). BKM, SPB and Harvesting Book are directly uploaded (synchronize) to the server by the foreman or the authorized officer. Clerical worker automatically reduced.

Other benefits are the speed and accuracy of data. With the elimination of the double-input, then the possibility of data errors can be reduced and the speed of data flow can be improved. New features on OWL-Mobile are the ability to run BarCode / qRCode transaction-based, GPS and Camera.



  • Software Provider & Implementor
    • Implementation of OWL-Plantation System
      • 1. Implementation Only (Self service maintenance)
      • 2. Implementation & Maintenance
      • 3. Implementation & Maintenance + Cloud (Software as a Service)
    • Software Maintenance:
      • 1. Service Contract(Annual): Enhancement, Corrections, Technical Support, Roll-Out and Emergency Support
      • 2. Service On-Call: Corrections, Technical Supports and Roll-Out
      • 3. Online supports (Phone & Email) are free
    • Network Provider & Maintenance, Data Center & Cloud Service:
  • System Consultancy
    • We serve the consultation system in terms of performance appraisal system, system design and system integration.
    • Serving Tailor-made Software
        If you need a system outside the plantation business, we serve the creation of specialized software to meet your needs. Software development with OWL-Framework will accelerate the delivery time.

Delivery Mechanism


Delivery Time

  • Plug and Play Delivery Method: 12 weeks include onsite assistance
      Customization limited to:

      • Payroll
      • and Harvesting Premium Calculation
  • Regular Delivery Method: 24 weeks
      User defined customization



      • Pricing Criteria

We ask for donations from customers so we can continue to develop OWL-Plantation and serve customers. The donations are determined based on the following criteria:

      • Planted Area (Ha) (Inti)
      • Number Of Mill
    • The following criteria does NOT affect the price
      • Number of users
      • Plasma/KKPA Area
      • Number of Company
      • Additional planted area post implementation
    • Pricing Component
      • OWL-Plantation (ERP) Predefined Product
      • Delivery/Implementation Cost
      • Additional Module Cost (Business Inelligent and/or OWL-Mobile)
    • Special Price (Indonesian territory)
      • “Starter Packet” only IDR 68.99 Million/Month
  • Aplicable only for small company (max 5.000 Ha planted), Planted area above 5.000 Ha applied normal price
  • Include Server (OWL Cloud Server)
  • Include 3 years maintenance
  • Exclude Business Inelligent and/or OWL-Mobile
  • Exclude implementation cost
      • “Cloud Pakcet” Discount IDR 75.000.000
  • Aplicable when using cloud OWL-Service
  • Aplicable for regular price
  • Not valid for the “Starter Pakcet”

OWL-Plantation System produk terbaik buatan anak-anak Indonesia ke berbagai wilayah khususnya Indonesia,

Informasi Lebih Lanjut Dapat Menghubungi:
OWL Plantation
Jl. Wijaya VII No. 1, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Telp: +62 2172780146
Hp: +62 8118013251
Email: nangkoel@owl-plantation.com


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