Solmax has provided the industry with a professional strategy for managing biogas in the form of Solmax’s geomembrane liner BioCoverPro – a special blend of top quality resins and additives for maximum containment and enhanced biogas recovery.

Safe and durable during biogas operation

Anaerobic digestion of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) produces significant amounts of biogas largely containing methane (CH4) gas and carbon dioxide (CO2). Solmax’s BioCoverPro is a professional approach for covering anaerobic digester ponds, tanks and impoundments containing POME to contain gaseous (and odorous) emissions and have these captured for energy generation to prevent environmental pollution, air quality degradation, release of greenhouse gases and the formation of acid rain – which could cause harm to the environment particularly vegetation and water bodies.


Designed for long-term performance

  • Solmax’s BioCoverPro has been specially formulated following extensive research and development to provide excellent resistance to extremely aggressive chemical such as those contained in POME, thus assuring long term performance in service.
  • Solmax’s BioCoverPro has been designed for high UV resistance and long term performance in exposed conditions. BioCoverPro can be offered with various shades of light coloured surface finishes such as tan colour to reflect sunlight and prevent excessive surface temperatures in the liner, thus increasing the lifespan of the liner whilst maintaining the required temperature in the bio digester for maximum biogas production. Other surface colours such as those for aesthetics to blend in with the surroundings can also be produced.
  • Wind action on geomembrane liners in cover applications could result in localized physical damages and stress cracking along the anchored portions of the liner over time. Recognizing this, Solmax BioCoverPro has been designed to be sturdy enough to resist wind uplift and flapping in the wind and flexible enough to ensure maximum tensile properties, puncture resistance and elongation capacities under applied stresses.
  • Solmax’s BioCoverPro Series has a high multiaxial strength that enables it to withstand high internal stresses from the biogas and to stretch to a large capacity without bursting thus ensuring maximum recovery and capture of biogas

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