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HumiboxHumibox (M) Sdn Bhd began operating in 1992 with a wide range of liquid organic fertilizers. Since then the company has broadened its range to include liquid lime, growing media, plug trays and nursery systems.

We take pride in being innovative, and with our small but strong team we are able to carry out research and development to ensure the efficacy and efficiency of our products as well as to provide customized solutions to our clients. Among one of our notable innovations, we have invented and patented a floating tray system and have begun to market it internationally.

Another important innovation is the BX1 system for growing seedlings in the nursery. The benefits of the BX1 system are recognized by the oil palm industry: among the adopters of this system were major plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Africa. The BX1 system is also used for propagation of Mucuna bracteata (leguminous cover crop) and Vetiveria zizanioides (vertiver).

We work closely with clients to develop nursery solutions that best meet their requirements for product performance, quality and price. We are able to achieve this through our excellent relationship with suppliers such as Bumnong (Korea), Peltracom (Belgium) and INFER (Spain).

Our products have been evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency so that growers may use them with confidence. Backed by our team of consultants and competent sales staff, we are able to provide strong customer support for our products.

Nursery Management System

BX1 System for oil palm

The Advanced System for Oil Palm Seedling Production

The traditional method of raising oil palm seedlings in polybags during the pre-nursery stage has remained largely unchanged for over 50 years. The ever increasing cost for oil palm planting materials today has made it necessary, even urgent, to address the following concerns: use of inputs such as soil, water, fertilizers and pesticides; difficulty and cost of procuring agricultural workers; efficiency in maintaining and moving planting materials; and losses due to culling and mortality.

The BX1 system incorporates a number of innovations that provides solutions to the concerns mentioned above. The system offers the prospect of significant savings to operators of oil palm pre-nurseries.

The BX1 system was developed by Humibox (M) Sdn Bhd. Developmental work on the system began in 2004 and after much testing it was put into the market in 2008. Basically, the system involves the following:

  • suitable plug trays and growing media
  • shelter to protect the system from rain and reduce the intensity of sunlight, and pool to water and feed the seedlings.

A primary feature of the system is that the BX1 media (MD 9) and depth of the water in which the plug trays sit is always maintained within a narrow range. In this way the seedlings are constantly supplied with water and nutrients.

Step 1: BX1 system in wooden plant house
Step 1: BX1 system in wooden plant house

Rb System

rb nursery systemFor rubber seedling production


  • Efficient use of transport and labour
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Effective use of water, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Ideal for centralized seedling production and budding


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